Bestowed with high professionalism, we are capable of offering incredible web& mobile application development services and solutions to our valued clients overseas with complete contentment.

E-Commerce /
M-Commerce Solutions

We build e-commerce websites, e-commerce secure shopping cart, e-commerce online store and m-commerce applications that turn your visitors into customers. We offer full range of E-commerce or M-commerce solutions for the businesses of all sizes. To that end, we integrate communications, data management and security to offer clients E-commerce or M-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide.

  • M-Commerce
    M-commerce (Mobile Commerce) is a certainly a growing market. More and more businesses are optimizing their websites for mobile devices as people who tend to shop through mobiles are continuously increasing. We turn your online store fully responsive so that your visitors can easily access your website through mobile with similar experience
  • Boost Sales
    Boost sales through various discounts, hot products, hot invoices and many more
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    Widens your customers by integrating major payment gateway system to your site.
  • Manage Your Store
    Manage products, customers, payment records, promotions through admin panel.
  • Social Feature
    The social features integration makes a lot of possibilities for you to engage with your customers.
  • Digital Marketing
    SEO techniques and Marketing applied to make your site search engine friendly and getting higher positions in search results.
  • Advanced report
    Track the real-time insights on sales, visits on your store, transaction and lot more.
  • Integration & Design of Custom CMS
    Customized design of CMS for online store owner easily manage their online store. They can access inventory, orders, reports, etc-with just a few clicks.

Customized Social
Network Platform

As business world is dominated by Internet, the need for efficient social networking sites has become mandate among web entrepreneurs. A social networking service focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people. We expertise in developing custom, secure and advanced social network platform allowing next generation entrepreneur to build a focused and private/public network of communities for family, friends and companies and for niche markets.

  • Live Chat
    A direct communication channel with support texts, images, emotions, stickers, audio format chatting.
  • User profile / mobile name card
    Mobilizing your name card through personal user profile.
  • Create / Join Group
    Create a group and invite other users with similar interests to join.
  • Events posting
    Promote your events to invite and attract peoples to join.
  • Multi-channel Connect with new People
    Meet new peoples and make new friends through Radar, OR code, nearby location setting etc.
  • Plug-in integration
    Integrated with various plug in tools, such as events, voting and survey for better social interaction.
  • Group Member Management
    Arrange group members to different ranking with different roles and group-administration right.
  • Insight report
    Provide detailed insights with reporting and analytics of the user engagement within the group.

Customized Instant
Messaging Solution

We understand that the needs of your business are unique, so we work with you to provide the right solution for your business needs. Our instant messaging solution give your businesses an efficient Communication System. We implement the latest encryption technology to make sure all data is secure. We allows businesses to safely communicate and exchange information in real-time via a user-friendly Web interface or mobile messaging app.

  • Group chat capabilities
    Take advantage of the solution's group chat capabilities to improve collaboration and productivity.
  • Customizable
    Graphical skin engine for complete rebranding and custom look and feel.
  • Flexible management
    Easily add or remove users using the web interface or mobile app.
  • Across Platforms
    Multi-channel enabled: iOS, Android & Web browser.

Internal Administration

Increase your company or team productivity on the go with our internal administration tools. We fully utilize your mobile devices to delivers the reliable, scalable, and highly secure internal administration tools that your business needs. Our internal administration tools leverages on cutting edge technology to provide a mobile solution that links work, people and the organization through an integrated and interactive administration system.

  • Mobile check-in & check-out
    Check in & check out from workplace with auto detect WIFI system.
  • Attendance report
    Generate detailed attendance report by monthly.
  • Leave application
    Apply and manage leave application from mobile.
  • Push notification
    Push notification of any new internal announcement, leave approved, meeting etc.
  • Reservation system
    Reserve company’s facilities from mobile.
  • Internal announcement
    Spread and check the internal updates from mobile.
  • Maintenance & Support
    Continuous support and maintenance to ensure the quality of our solution provided.

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