The Company

We are the team that aspire to build & design system with creativity and productivity.

INNOREI Group founded in 2012, dedicated to deliver a smarter future for our customers and users through providing Digital Information Technology and Integrated Big Data Solution.

Committed to overturn future through Big Data Technology, we output brilliant idea with creativity and productivity for our clients and partners. We aspire to assist customers gain competitive advantages in the market place. That’s the reason we branded ourselves as INNOREI, the combination of INNOVATION and REINVENTION.

As a Future Changer, our purpose is to utilize Big Data into our daily life, as well as marketing strategy to create a whole new ecosystem of businesses and ultimately achieve a more convenient and efficiency future.


  • We provides IT services for businesses and end-users.
  • Collect data from multiple ways:
    • Project customization
    • Social Media
    • Partnership Program
    • System Integration


  • Includes data storage and management technology.
  • Includes the technologies and tools to analyze the data and generate insight from it.
  • Enable the Big Data insights to work in end-user applications.

Business Ecosystem

What We Believe

  • Embrace the creativity.
  • Innovation and Reinvention differentiate us from our competitor.
  • Big Data overturn Future.
  • Your satisfaction is our concern.

Our Vision


Collect users’ data and businesses data through multiple channels,
to provide accurate information and analysis to the organizations for decision-making.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the world’s leading innovator and trusted partners to our clients.

We recruit and nurture high-potential peoples to ensure we deliver the high-quality product and service for our organization and clients.

Leveraging the power of global insight, innovative, collaboration and learning to help clients become a leading expert in their field.

Dato' Jason Foo
the CEO of Innorei Group

Words From

Sincerely appreciate to every visitors of Innorei Group website.
Your attention to our company keep us move forward.

The 21st century is a digital book. Big data is the key to open it and take a glimpse into the future.Times of Big Data has arrived. With the evolution of internet and computer technology, people realised that an unimaginable treasure hidden in the mass data which traditional data processing applications are inadequate.The information retrieved through data-mining and analytic will be the basis for analysts and mathematicians to paint a vision of future. Big Data collection and analytic technology will be the critical resource for the survivablity of business. Businesses soon will be eliminated if they can’t catch up this trend.

With resourceful connections, solid technology background and specialize teams, Innorei Group brings integrated big data service to the market,provides business analysis and decision-making suggestions.

Innorei Group keep improving ourselves with the guideline of “Innovation” and “Reinvention” to improve the competitiveness of company and growth together with our value customers.

Keep improving,Keep moving. By data, We work together for the future.

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